It's what we all dream of: a board of directors where every board member is an active, engaged fundraiser for our nonprofit's cause.  But so much can stand in the way.  How can we all work to develop the board that we envision?

Engaging Your Board Members in Fundraising offers three principles for creating a board of directors that raises funds confidently and effectively. This fundraising mini-course includes a training video and four electronic handouts that will help you make your board fundraising dreams a reality.

Engaging Your Board Members in Fundraising includes one training video and four handouts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Is there a timeline to begin and end the course(s) I purchase?

A: No set timeline to begin or end the course(s). By purchasing the course, you receive all training videos and handouts, and you can review and complete them at your own pace and on your own timeline.

Q: Can I take any/all courses at my leisure? Or is there a point at which my course(s) are no longer accessible?

A: You can take the course(s) at your leisure!

Q: Can I replay my course(s) as many times as I liked too?

A: Yes, once you purchase the course, the materials are yours to review as often and as many times as you would like to.

Q: Do all students have to start/finish at the same time?

A: Students do not need to start or finish at the same time.

Q: Are there any tests involved after finishing my course?

A: There are no tests to complete. The course is set up to help provide you with the tools to confidently and successfully write grants on your own.

Q: Is the internet all I need to get started?

A: Yes!

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to Engaging Your Board Members in Fundraising Mini-Course!

  • 2

    Engaging Your Board Members in Fundraising Training Video

    • Engaging Your Board Members in Fundraising

  • 3


    • Fundraising Activity Preparation Worksheet

    • No-Homework Board Fundraising Calendar Worksheet

    • Sample Fundraising Activity Preparation

    • Sample No-Homework Board Fundraising Calendar

About the instructor

Founder and CEO, The Funding Seed

Nora Ellertsen

Nora Ellertsen is Founder and CEO of The Funding Seed. As a fundraising practitioner, she raised money for environmental and human rights causes through grassroots fundraising, major donor development, fundraising events, grantwriting, and other fundraising activities. Since founding The Funding Seed in 2010, she has worked with over 80 nonprofit agencies to help them develop the resources they need to do their work.The Funding Seed is a New Orleans-based company that helps people learn how to raise money for their nonprofits. The Funding Seed's goal is to help the staff, board members, and volunteers involved with your nonprofit to become confident, self-sufficient, and successful with their fund development.    

Are you ready to learn the principles for making your board fundraising dreams a reality?

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